Saturday 25 August 2012

Sexy Women

Today we had an acclimatisation walk to sacqwayman pronounced "sexy women". Aileen, Ellen and Carol are convinced that it was named after them.

Everyone in the group found the steep climb very tough, it is hard to explain how the difference in altitude affects your breathing and makes even a simple exercise that more difficult.

At 3700 metres we stopped at Christo Blanco which had an enormous statue of Jesus which was a replica of the same statue that overlooks rio de Janeiro.

At Q'enco (sounds like the coffee), an authentic inca site we explored the ancient ruins which involved squeezing through an Indiana jones labyrinth which was guarded by an puma statue which was worshipped by the icans.

There was a very sacred sacrificial altar which is revered by the incas. We were all extremely embarrassed when Ellen insisted on prostrating herself to the gods (or anyone else that was interested) before being promptly chastised by our guide.

We then moved on to visit some Incan caves and arena like worshiping ground. We all had to make our way through a pitch black tunnel which was carved out in the rocks and used as an escape tunnel for the icans. Rumour is that it leads back to cusco town. It was very claustrophobic experience however Graeme heroically volunteered to take the lead through the very narrow passage only to blot his copybook bu crying out "Aileen, i cant do it" and insisting on putting on his head torch...... Woose.

Carole exited the tunnel with two hand prints on her bum, Graham insists that he was only trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Carole and Graeme was brave enough to slide down the rock luge.

We had a good photo opportunity at the the sacqwayman fortress ruins Which dated back to the 1600's before we headd back to Cusco town for a late (very late) but well earned lunch.

Ellen decided not to join our small Ayrshire group for lunch, she was spending some time working on getting to know our fellow travellers, coincidentally Simon, who is single was also in this group.

Hopefully we will get a good nights sleep tonight as we start the trek tomorrow.


  1. Good luck for the start of the trek tomorrow. Remember to ask Graeme to share his sweeties, he has enough for everyone! Mhairi :-)

  2. It all sounds amazing, challenging, scary and fun and you still have the big trek to come! I'm sure it will be unforgettable. Good luck Aileen the WHOLE Donn clan say "go for it". Judy xx

  3. Ellen and Simon!! - Breaking News daily update please!!!!!! All sounds very interesting and very challenging. We are all very proud of "Team Ayrshire". The narrow tunnel would have scared the life out of me. Received a Text from Aileen overnight and she remains very positive - as always. Good luck and all take good care of each other. Gordon

  4. Well done Trekkies! Sounds amazing. Good luck for the start of the main trek. JaneH

  5. Enjoying reliving the Peruvian experience from the comfort of my sofa!Is your guide Simon Leishman?If so, please say hi from all the St Andrews mob.Stay healthy and enjoy the experience.Hazel

  6. Lots lof big breaths needed to cope with the high altitude! thith point you can make up your own punchline!

    Well done so far and keep on trekking

    Dunc x

  7. What an experience, try and enjoy....every step takes you closer to an amazing achievement. Oh and eat as much as you want!!
    Lol Lisa Lynch xxx

  8. Hello to Aileen, Ellen and friends from Ayr. Thinking of you all fondly from wet Bishopton, unlike the sunny day in Backyard Bazaar with the coloured water flowing on a lovely spring day! What a superb, enjoyable day we all had. Have as much fun and keep up the hard, good work - will all be so worthwhile! If your Mum & I were a bit younger we would maybe have joined you! Much love comes from here to you all over in Peru. Have a wonderful trip, fun and lots of exciting stories to bring home.
    Mum & Gintzyxx

  9. hi everyone - just catching up with all your blogs. Won't be any work done in fundraising for at least half an hour every morning! Note for Aileen (and COlin if he's reading this) we come in early!!
    Flight sounds fun and the food fabulous - guinea pigs will be a doddle after that Graeme!
    You're not missing anything here - teeming down as usual.
    ENjoy what I'm sure will be a wonce in alifetime experience. Keep safe and look after each other.

    Take care Anne, Louis and Co XX

  10. didn't have my specs on when I typed wonce!!!!!!

    Anne XX

  11. Twinnie, with you every step of the way. Think what you are all doing is amazing....who wouldn't be breathless standing next to you!!!!

  12. Enjoyed your photographs, good luck with the Trek. You all look too well groomed just now, will be interesting to see if you are so keen on the camera later on!!

    Good luck and enjoy.
    Luv Fiona (Fundraising)

  13. Cant believe u selected oor Graeme to lead you into a dark cave , he's a big Jessie ! His ma had to hold his hand to the toilet block at night on our camping hols, haha
    All the very best guys , ur doing grand , John S.

  14. Hi Graeme and all the crew. Wishing you all well in your adventure. Enjoying looking at all the photos. Look after yourselves - take care Lyn x

  15. The travelling sounds almost as challenging as the trekking however sounds like everyone is enjoying themselves. Very proud of Mum and Auntie Aileen(my fairy god mother!!)
    Keep up the Good work. Lots of Love Morven xxxxx

  16. The journey sounds bad enough, never mind the trek! Christopher and all the group take care and have a safe journey. Oh, and the updates are very entertaining and the pictures are great. Love AnneMarie xxx


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