Saturday 1 September 2012

Guinea Pigs

4.30 alarm call and 5.30 start. 

One of the group took this mornings warm up and it was heart warming to see the young Peruvian school children joining these entertaining strangers prancing around.

Before we start the walk we are privileged to be invited into the home of a local farmer.  The tiny thatched roof house comprising of 1 room split  into bedroom and living and even more bizarrely the kitchen area was in the corner of the  bedroom.   

The family consisted mum, dad and three children, the bed accommodated as many as could fit, with the remainder having to sleep on the mucky floor.
There were guinea pigs running around the room and nesting  under the bed.  Guinea Pigs are a locally delicacy eaten on special occasions.

The farmer showed off the tools of his trade and Chris had a valiant attempt at using the hand plough and failed miserably.

We had a tough ridge walk away from the village into the sacred valley to wake us up.   After a few hours trekking we stopped beside a local farm house and our guide took us through some local history and the ethos that Peruvians live their lives by.

Three plays a significant part in all aspects of their way of live.

Guiding principals:
  • don't be lazy
  • don't lie
  • don't steal

For a full life:
  • love
  • work
  • learn

Peruvians perform the following in their lifetime:
  • Plant a tree
  • Have a baby
  • Write a book (although most Peruvians cannot actually write, they express their life story in a shawl that they wear an their backs.  Girls weave there own and mothers /wives weave for the men.)
We continued up the hills and educated our fellow trekkers to Scottish local delicacies including haggis, pakora, deep fried and with neeps and tattles. 

Lunch was besides a beautiful picturesque lake, akin to a Scottish lochen.

Another long 3.5 hour trek after lunch traversing along the side of the Sacred Valley.

Arrived at camp.  The guides had built a camp fire and we had pre dinner beers and marshmallows with hilarious games.

Late than usual a to bed as had a latish start next morning (6.30!)

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